In Memoriam Edwin Fleischer

#trowbackthursday In Memoriam Edwin Fleischer

December 1999 Rural New South Wales, Australia

A few days with two tents, thrown in the back of an old Ford Falcon.
Rural NSW about beyond the Blue Mountain Ridge, somewhere between hinterland and bush.
Going to places just because they sound cool, taking every turnoff that looked interessting.
Camping in the open, meeting locals and other travelers.
Drinking in the scents of the eucalypt trees, the evening breeze, and a few stubbies of VB.

Talking politics, believes, dreams and total trash in the company of a girl who became my wife and a my flatmate Edwin Fleischer, who I shared a wonderfully run-down victorian terrace with in Crown Street, Surry Hills, Sydney during my study abroad year in 1999.

Edwin was one of the most open-minded, creative, good-humored and positive persons I have ever met and this trip shaped the way my wife and I travel untill today.

We heard with great sadness that Edwin passed away on April 22, 2019 on his way to Grenada.

Our deepest sympathy is with his friends and family.

Your travels have ended – may your journey beginn. 

In Memoriam Edwin Fleischer


In Memoriam Edwin Fleischer
In Memoriam Edwin Fleischer


We are here
We are here

The Beast

The Beast

„How do we sleep while our beds are burning“


A friend of Edwin from Grenada posted this moving video tribute on YouTube.


Ein Gedanke zu “#trowbackthursday In Memoriam Edwin Fleischer

  1. Und es bleibt viel von Dir, Edwin: dein Lachen, deine Energie und deine Freiheit im Leben. Inspirierend für deine Umgebung und auch für mich. Danke, dass du unser aller und mein Leben berührt hast.
    Have an inspiring journey!
    With love


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