Boeing 767 at the gate in ATL

ATL – MUC with Delta

Atlanta, Georgia to Munich, Germany

Departure Airport and Boarding

ATL is overwhelmingly huge and busy – I felt quite pleased. As my stopover was 3hrs+, I treated myself to a daypass in The Club (International Terminal, Concourse F) via the payloungse site The Club . I found it quite decent with lots of daylight, nice tarmac views, comfortable seating and a good drink selection. The food could have been a little more substantial, however.

As I travelled in Delta’s „Premium Economy“ called Comfort+, I was in one of the first groups to board. Nevertheless, all overhead bins around my seat-row were already stuffed with gigantic bags once I got there. Sigh! While I admit to travel carry-on only on shorter trips myself, I find it a little over-ambitious to bring everything you need, say, for a 10-day cruise into a coach class abin.

Cabin, Seat, Amenities

The general shape of this elderly workhorse seemed good and the Seats on this Boeing 767 were leather-covered and quite comfortable. Seat pitch in Comfort+ felt generous. Pillow and blanket were provided, as well as modern in-ear phones and a basic amenity kit (eye-shades, toothbrush, ear plugs.
After take-off hot towels were offered.

Food and Drink

Strangely, there was no pre-dinner drink service, no menus and no nibbles even though this is a rather long east coast flight. F/As came around with a dinner-choice of chicken or pasta right away.

Comfort+ includes alcoholic drinks and I was pleased to find out that Delta offers a large selection of different beers including my favourite Sam Adam`s.

Cesar's salad, chicken and mashed potatoes, cheese & crackers, chocolate brownie
Cesar’s salad, chicken and mashed potatoes, cheese & crackers, chocolate brownie

(Pls find the more detailed review on

The meal was OK with a nice salad, chicken and potato mash and brownie for dessert. The meat in the main course tasted a little chemical, however.

After clearing the trays, water bottles were handed out for the night.

Breakfast was actually quite nice and included a warm egg muffin and generous helpings of coffee.

Hot egg-muffin, crackers, fruit, OJ, coffee
Hot egg-muffin, crackers, fruit, OJ, cofee

(Pls find the more detailed review on


Very basic selection, quality so-so, unimpressive!


Is Delta’s Comfort+ worth the extra money?
Yes, definitely, but do not expect a truelly premium travel experience. You will get extra leg room and a few small perks (amenity kit, free booze) for a very moderate surcharge. All things considered a very good deal!

[Update January 2017: Delta works on a „real“ Premium Economy cabin called Delta Premium Select coming to the long-haul system during 2017.]

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