Lufthansa Cuts Service in Economy and Premium Economy

As communicated by several air travel blogs (first on Lufthansa will stop serving hot meals/snacks before landing on all ist long-haul flights and replace them with a cold vegetarian snack (flight time +10 HRS) or a sandwich (flight time -10 HRS).

Strategically this seems to be an ambigious move. While reducing and standardising meals througout the entire intercontinental network will certainly open up a huge saving potential, passengers will now receive one and the same snack no matter whether they paid 299€ for a heavily discounted Basic Economy ticket or a 1.500€ Premium Economy one. Furthermore, British Airways and Delta have recently upgraded their on board experience even in regular economy, so Lufthansa seems to be moving against the flow here.

From an airline meal enthusiast’s point of view these cutbacks are definitely a great loss, as Lufthansa’s snack boxes contained some of the strangest foodstuffs ever served in the air, ranging from nice, fresh fruit salad for breakfast to the most disgusting hot dogs ever produced.

Cutbacks will also affect IFE headphones to be replaced by cheaper, single-use earbuds. Rumour has it, that the so-called Cocktail Hour (i. e. serving of drinks and bar snacks before the first service) is also due to be discontinued by the end of November. The only improvement will be personal 0.5 litre water bottles in all classes.


Will soon be gone – weird Lufthansa snacks on long-haul flights:


Soon to be replaced by disposable earbuds

Lufthansa Headset and Pillow
Lufthansa headset and pillow

Apparently also to be discontinued: Lufhansa’s signature Cocktail Hour

G & T Lufthansa Style

G&T Lufthansa style

Campari and OJ - Lufthansa's Unofficial Signature Drink
Campari and OJ – Lufthansa’s unofficial signature drink

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